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Pannonian Local Products


Pannonian Local Products


Pannonian Local Product Nonprofit Ltd. (PLP) strengthens and supports rural populations, by linking the several agents of the agricultural food system, promoting better rural livelihood. Engaging with local farmers, local government, networks, conscious citizens, civic organizations, agrotourism associations, and national parks, PLP strengthens the local community and economy. This can only be achieved through personal relationships with the consumers and farmers, building the trust and confidence between the food system actors.

PLP develops several activities and projects, which aim to promote local food communities.

Green Basket initiative closes the gap between farmers and consumers, by delivering food products directly from the producers to the consumers, strengthen local food production and consumption. It works with more than 100 consumers and ca. 20-30 farmers.

Houses Project promotes the cross-border tourism between Hungary and Slovenia, where tourists can stay at farmhouses, experiencing local food products and farm activities.

Local farmers’ market, through the promotion of locally produced food products.

We are local, is a brand for local sales channels, with the logo of this brand being displayed in several services, such as, in markets, restaurants, open farms and hostels. This way the community can choose to support the local economy. 

The work conducted by the TcV consortium has provided direction to the agrifood transition, acting as guides, inspirers but also as challengers, inspiring future scenarios and diverse intervention strategies.

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