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Delta Foundation


Delta Foundation

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The Delta Foundation engages with experts from agricultural production to teach farmers how to improve and modernize their primary agricultural production. Some of their activities are focused on the promotion of local bioeconomy, through the creation of a more resilient food system, providing innovative knowledge to local farms, resulting in a wide range of solutions.

BioSense is a Delta Foundation partner in the FOSTER project for Digital Village, an Institute focused on IT in biosystems, agriculture and environmental sciences. The Institute strives to deliver state-of-the- art digital solutions to the farming sector in Serbia and the world, in order to ensure higher yields with smaller investments.

Some of the projects include:

Our Village “Nase selo” – has economically empowered two villages in the municipality of Zaječar and continues to spread succesfully to other regions of Serbia. The project currently takes place in the village of Bačko Novo Selo in the region of Vojvodina. The broader social goal is to stop migrations from villages to cities by strengthening the villages and to encourage migrations in the opposite direction. To do this, a strong effort was made in strengthening the local economy, through improvements of the agricultural primary production, as well as the overall quality of life in the villages.

Digital village “Digitalno selo” – aims to create opportunities for easier, more efficient and sustainable production, higher earnings for agricultural producers and a more attractive life in the countryside, especially for young people, through digitalization and modernization of agriculture, in the same time contributing to the preservation and further development of the food system.

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