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From 5th to 7th of March 2024, FOSTER participated in the FOOD 2030 Networks Conference on Transformative Food System Innovation in Brussels, Belgium.

The aim of the conference is to set the scene for more collaborative approaches towards innovating the future agriculture and food system. Farmers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, researchers, living lab representatives and other food system innovators are invited to join the FOOD 2030 Networks Conference under the auspices of the Belgian EU Presidency. FOSTER was represented by the project members:–Project manager of FOSTER Kerstin Pasch (DIL) talked about reorienting innovation towards food system transformation;-Rosina Malagrida (IrsiCaixa) represented her living lab in the Food 2030 Living Lab Network;-Thom Achterbosch participated in the session on financing innovation in farming and food systems;-Kerstin Cuhls raised her voice in one of

Focus Groups with the Change Driven Initiatives of FOSTER

Focus group sessions were established as part of a baseline assessment of the change-driven initiatives (CDIs). The aim of this baseline assessment is to understand the CDIs’ ambitions, their theories of change and activities, to examine their target stakeholder groups, and their embedding in networks, and to understand relevant knowledge sources, how CDIs access knowledge and interact with the K&I system. Six CDIs of FOSTER are organisations, foundations and associations working on food systems from numerous perspectives. They vary in their goals, activities, target groups and sizes. Each of the initiatives is embedded across different parts of the food system.

Europe’s food wagon steers towards a greener path

Making diets kinder to the environment and better for people’s health requires root-and-branch changes in production and consumption. 13 December 2023 By  ANTHONY KING Wholesale changes are needed to ensure fair, healthy and sustainable food systems. ©Ridoy Chandra Dey, As a young scientist, Dr Christian Bugge Henriksen never minded getting his hands dirty. He put on his wellies to study soil nutrients in barley and potato fields in his native Denmark. Henriksen has since taught university courses on food gardening and forestry. He has also gotten knee-deep into questions about what kinds of foods are better for public health and

FOSTER Science-Policy Interface

FOSTER is a research project funded by Horizon Europe, designed around the need for a new vision for a Knowledge and Innovation (K&I) governance structure for Europe’s food system. It is a collaboration of scientists with civic initiatives, innovation advisors, living labs and advocacy groups, working in multi-actor partnership.   The project aims to develop an evidence-based policy vision for a future knowledge and innovation system (FOKIS), that can effectively accelerate the transition to sustainable food systems across all EU member states. The translation of insights from research into policy recommendations for key audiences in the EU is a specialised skill. For